Papa’s Cheeseria

Papa’s cheeseria is a business game with an exquisite screen and high degree of freedom. Here, you will help in the cheese shop, experience the responsibilities of each post, and then make the cheese taste they want for each guest. At the same time of getting the reward, Louis’s father’s cheese shop will be better run.

Papa’s cheeseria game content

In Papa’s cheeseria, you will experience the responsibilities of various positions, from the front desk to the chef. According to each guest’s taste and order, make the desired cheese for them. Starting from receiving the law, to backstage production, baking and seasoning, only to give the guests the best taste experience; The guest will judge whether it is good or bad. He will make detailed comments on each process. If it is good, you will get a tip.

Papa’s cheeseria’s game features

You will need to receive different guests every day and make their favourite cheese. Then finish the daily tasks in Papa’s cheeseria, do the best as far as possible, and get rewards, to have the opportunity to expand the store and better attract customers. You can also train your cheese making skills and improve your cooking skills here.

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